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We believe we are entering into a time that will see the greatest harvest and revival the world has ever seen.  God is looking for people to stand up for Him and be used to be the workers in this great harvest.  


It is time for us to become STRONG.  Representing who God, the amazing Father is, to our families, communities and workplaces.  GYM will work your spiritual muscles so that you can stand strong, no matter what storms come your way.   

Can you give 2 hours a week to grow your spiritual muscles, to go deeper in Him, gain spiritual muscle and see real change in your life?  


It is time for us to RISE UP!  


What is GYM? 

GYM is a 40-week online strength training program designed to build spiritual muscles in our lives.  


Why GYM?  

We know that Jesus has paid for us to walk in an abundant life.  How many of us are walking in abundance?


Freedom, abundance - who wants more freedom and abundance?!


GYM course builds spiritual muscles that help us establish good rhythms and habits in our lives to stand STRONG


What is involved? 

GYM is not an easy course, it requires commitment - just like the physical gym.  This is a 40 week course starting in September and finishing in July.  

  • We will meet once a week for 1 hour of online devotions, teaching and challenges.  

  • Worksheets are given to answer on a forum online. 

  • Action plan gives practical things that you can do each week to build your muscles

  • Meet with a spotter (partner) every week to discuss the week’s questions, encourage each other, and push each other along. 

  • Commitment is approx 2 hours a week, 1 hour of live teaching, 1 hour of answering worksheets and talking to your spotter.  


What do I get out of it?  

Stronger spiritual muscles!!  The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.  There will be training, teaching, coaching, community, and challenges every week.  


What are the topics? 

Topics include:

  • Goodness of God

  • Identity

  • Flourishing relationships 

  • Abounding hope and joy

  • Finances  etc….

What are others saying?  

People who have completed GYM:


I have learned about ‘living’ because of GYM.  When I was struggling, GYM teaching brought me back to focus on God, to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, to live in the grace of Jesus Christ.  Now I know that I stand on strong foundations of understanding who God is.  




Thursday evenings 8:30pm - 9:30pm (JST) on zoom



¥100,000 for the whole course 1 time payment (can be paid monthly - ¥10,000/month)


¥150,000 for the whole course 1 time payment (can be paid monthly - ¥15,000/month)

September 17th - July 15th 




What if I can’t commit to the teaching time each week?  

Prioritizing joining the live calls is key to being successful with GYM.  If you have work commitments that mean you can’t join sometimes, you can let us know at the GYM office.  


What if I want to quit half-way through?

No quitting!  Even if it gets hard, that is when we see true strength grow inside of us.  It’s a commitment - but it isn’t much.  Can you give God 2 hours of your week?  


Commitment to the 40 week course and prioritize growth for this time.  

Agree to meet with a spotter (partner) once a week for 30 minutes - 1 hour.

How to Apply:

Send the following information to 1. full name, 2. phone number, 3. e-mail address, 4. church name, 5. county, 6. desired method of payment (Paypal or credit card *VISA, Master, Amex only).