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About Us

Our History

The Toronto Blessing

In January of 1994, led by John and Carol Arnott, a church known at the time as Toronto Airport Vineyard met on the end of a runway at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. It quickly came to the world's attention as a place where God chose to meet with His people as the Holy Spirit poured out in unprecedented ways. As a result of this divine visitation, the members were thrust into ministry to thousands of people worldwide. This revival, carrying heavenly Father's love, came to be known as the Toronto Blessing which had a huge global impact spreading to hundreds of nations around the world. Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF) soon became a familiar new name.

From Here To The Nations

Fast forward a few years, with a passion for the local church to manifest God's Kingdom on earth and to disperse revival to the nations, TACF transitioned into Catch The Fire. After more than two decades of significant and impactful years of hosting revival, John and Carol as Senior Leaders passed on the baton to Duncan & Kate Smith in September of 2015.  They now lead the ministry with a trustworthy and dynamic team who are passionate about seeing this global movement of churches encounter God's transforming presence. With a vision to reach the world and see God's amazing plan unfold through different cultures and languages, Duncan and Kate opened up spheres in 4 main regions of the world.  The current spheres are the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. 

Asia Sphere

Our Asia Sphere is headed up by Mike & Rachel Sawka with a vision to raise up leaders and healthy churches to be ready for the massive harvest that is coming in. They have a vision to see each country show its own flavor while keeping the core values of presence, encounter, and transformation.  God loves the nations in Asia. He loves diversity, culture, and languages. We want to see the nations be restored to their true identity and people be set free to chase after whom God has called them to be. 

Ron & Teddy Sawka now serve on a global team of Apostolic Ambassadors for Catch the Fire and are the apostolic ambassadors for CTF Asia and Japan.  

We are passionate and committed to going after the transforming presence of God in Asia.  



Sphere Leaders
Michael & Rachel Sawka


Motoki Asai


George & Aria Li


Simon & Irene Tang

Eduard & Megumi Thayer

Apostolic Ambassadors 


Ron & Teddy Sawka

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